Telling a Story the Pixar Way

No one can tell a story like the animation film company Pixar. Pixar’s screenwriters carefully craft stories that adults and children love because they tap into universal emotions and aspirations. Stories are effective means of sharing information and inspiring employees in organizations too. All organizations and leaders are more effective if they share stories rather than transmit information. It’s better to tell how a customer experienced your product rather than to present a power point about its five features. It’s more effective to share with a guest how another guest experienced the hotel restaurant or the spa than merely to describe it to them. Since ancient times, the great leaders and thinkers, those like Plato, to Jesus, to Abraham Lincoln, have told stories because they knew, as Einstein once wrote, that “imagination is more powerful than knowledge.” Here is how Pixar constructs a story, and how we all should if we want to enlarge the imaginations of our hearers and create emotional as well as mental connections with information.


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