My Fall Speaking and Facilitation Schedule

I’m thrilled to be working with some new clients this fall as well as ones such as Avis Budget Group that have been with me for a while. I will continue my work in customer experience training for Avis Budget, and I will be doing the same for a large automative dealership operation called Automotive Management Services, Inc. I am privileged to add Mercedes Benz USA as a client for leadership and employee engagement facilitation, and I look forward to facilitating sessions on both topics with their dealership leaders and employees throughout the fall. I continue my relationship with training organizations like Training Pros and Shane Green Enterprises, and I welcome new partnerships with Strativity in New Jersey and Hemsley Fraser in London. My goal for 2013 is to expand my facilitation and training in customer experience, leadership and conflict prevention to more nonprofits and religious organizations. If I can be of assistance to you or your organization in these areas, please contact me at  I also welcome the opportunity to meet with you to discuss future opportunities by Skype or in person. My speaking and facilitation schedule for this fall includes:

Sept. 16-23

Chicago Oct. 9-11

Nashville Oct. 23-25

Nashville Oct. 29-31

Oklahoma City Nov. 1-2

Alexandria, Virginia Nov. 4

St. Bart’s, Manhattan, New York Nov. 5-6

Baltimore, MD Nov. 7-30

Anaheim, California Nov. 19-20

El Paso, Texas Dec. 3-4

Glendale, California Dec. 3-4

New Orleans, LA Dec. 5-6

Shreveport, LA  Dec. 7

Chicago, IL Dec. 10-11

Long Beach, CA  Dec. 12-13

Kona and Hilo, Hawaii Dec. 15-22

If I can assist you or your organization with your facilitation, consulting or coaching needs, I would be honored to do so. Contact me at

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  1. norwegiansviewonlife says:

    Barcelona is one of the greatest cities in the world (that I have visited). Not been in NYC yet though.

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