It’s Not About Price: Luxury Car Manufacturers Seek To Wow the Customer


It’s been an unprecedented year for luxury car sales in the United States, and I have been privileged to be part of one initiative to enhance the customer experience for one luxury brand. It’s not about the price with luxury customers — yes, some will haggle for a better deal, but if they are making it about price, it’s because they don’t feel that the dealership or brand is offering anything “more” as part of the customer experience. Think Apple–we don’t haggle with Apple about the price of its products because we love the experience of its stores and products. Meeting expectations no longer cuts it with customers, particularly luxury ones. Whether you are a car dealership, department store, or hotel, you must now exceed expectations by surprising the customer with remarkable service, extensive product knowledge, and accessible store designs.

This article describes some of the initiatives we are undertaking in training, technology and service to wow the customer for luxury car brands.


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