My Blog: A New Look, A New Focus, New Features

Since 2006, I have been writing a blog that I entitled “Meat and Three Cafe.” Meat and Three was personal in its origins, and I often reflected on adventures, experiences and life transitions, as well as politics, religion and a lot of other things that you are not supposed to talk about in polite company. “Meat and Three” are cafes in my native Nashville that serve up a lot of this, and a lot of that. And that is how I saw my blog — some meat, and a lot of extras along the way. This seemed to interest a lot of readers, except for my employer (whose donors were not so captivated). I switched focus in 2010 to focus on professional topics related to my career in leadership development and customer experience. I retained some of those articles on favorite trips and restaurants for the benefit of others, but my blog began to evolve as I evolved in my own life and my career.

I made the move to New York City in May, 2012, and with that move, came new focus and and a new life. Religion and politics are important to me personally, but they are not the topics that I wish to address in forums like this one. I am committed to my vocation: the education and improvement of individuals and organizations by individuals living more fully and leaders leading more transformatively. To that end, this blog is dedicated.

I chose the name “Hot Toddy” for a couple of reasons. First, it is my nickname, and how many of my long-time friends address me. But more importantly, the title, like the drink, has a touch of tradition, a slight edge, and points to what I believe my personality is, and what my blog entries are: fun, a bit “stiff” to take at appropriate times, and ultimately a source of healing for those who read them.

The blog has some of the same features and categories as Meat and Three, but I’ve added a few as well to reflect the breadth and focus of my life and work. These include:

  • Categories of postings on leadership, organizational development and customer experience, as well as links to the best resources on each of these
  • A new link category devoted to leadership in churches and faith-based organizations (non-profits coming soon!)
  • On the right column, you can view what I’m eating at Yelp, what I’m reading at Goodreads, and what others are reading on my blog under “Top Posts”
  • A new travel category devoted to my favorite things in Nashville, New York City, and Los Angeles — something I’m asked about often
  • Links to only the best resources for actors in Los Angeles – my blog entry on acting in LA is still my most read blog entry after the one on Ken Starr. Ironies!
  • Some of my most read postings are film reviews and entertainment-related entries, so those remain.

I am humbled every day to see that others find what I write and offer here as helpful or inspiring, and I’m honored that you visited my blog. Since 2006, my blog has evolved from 2 readers — me, and my mom — to almost 94,000 views total, and a daily average of 200 readers. Over 750 subscribers read my blog in their RSS feed. I always seek to be more helpful and more delightful to my readers, so please do email me at if you have suggestions for links, topics or aesthetics that would make the blog a better experience for my readers.

Thank you for reading, and welcome to The Hot Toddy.


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