Ten Changes I’ve Made in a Year

I decided to post something personal, with some humor and also in an attempt to make a point: we all can change and grow no matter where we find ourselves in life. Life is an adventure, and a continual journey of finding our true selves. Here are the ten things I am doing differently than a year ago:

10. I eat cauliflower and brussel sprouts. I discovered that the secret to loving both of these is great recipes.

9. I eat Korean food, and I even like it.

8. I don’t eat bread, pasta, sugar or potatoes more than once a week. I never drink sugar. God or Michael Bloomberg should outlaw all of these, except on Sundays. They are evil for most of us.

7. I finally started reading books on my IPAD rather than buying hard copies in the store.

6. I began to focus on a few special people in my life, and let go of the need to please the rest.

5.  I am in the process of giving up diet drinks for soda water.

4. I started working out 5 times per week.

3. I take public transportation, and I don’t drive a car. I love it.

2. I watch my bank balance every day.

1. I moved to New York City, opened up more space in my life for the people that matter to me, and I’m more focused than ever.

I still have a lot to change, and there is vast room for improvement and new experiences. What is different in your life today than a year ago? There is no better time to start the adventure of becoming your best and truest self, right now.


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