Looking for a Job in the Digital Age: Resources for Success

jobsearchThe rules of searching for a job have changed in the digital age, and since the Great Recession made the search more difficult, and employers more discerning. If 90 percent of your job search consists of online submission of resumes, you may be barking up a dead tree. Here is a link to several articles I’ve written on this blog on how to use online resources as well as traditional ones to prepare yourself for today’s job search.

Over the last several months, I have found a number of great articles online that provide up to date and concise advice for those searching for a job in this challenging climate for job hunters. Here are my favorites:

Job Search

New York Times columnist Tom Friedman writes here that employers are no longer so interested in resumes but in personality and skills. They are interested more in what you can do, not what you have done.

Are you 18-30 and can’t find a job? You are not alone. Here are a few tips that I provide to my Millennial friends.

Three of my major clients found me on LinkedIn. Is your profile up to date and does it highlight the best things about you? Here is how to use LinkedIn for a job search.

HireArt is an online assessment that provides an employer with an overview of your personality and real skills, and not just your resume; in other words, what employers are really looking for in today’s hiring world.

The new way to search for jobs is through mobile apps. I particularly like Jobr (which is like Tindr for jobs), but here is a list of some that you might find helpful.

The Resume

I review client resumes several times a week, and this article does a great job of laying out some very quick fixes that are on my list of suggestions I find myself making over and over again. I particularly endorse the idea of separating job duties from job achievements.

Did you know that Twitter is the new resume? This Wall Street Journal article suggests it may be. You may be missing a great opportunity if you don’t tweet, but be careful what your Twitter tweets.

The Cover Letter

FastCompany provides tips here for attention grabbing cover letters in today’s hiring climate, and a few warnings about why cover letters are often ignored.

The Interview

Because of the massive amount of online resources about industries and companies, interviewers now expect candidates to do research about trends, the company and how they might add value to particular challenges for the company when the candidate interviews. The New York Times provides here an helpful overview of this  and a few questions to prepare.

Price Water House Coopers provides a very thorough checklist for interview preparation here.

If you need further assistance with your career direction or job search, Todd Bouldin is available for consultation. Contact Todd at Todd@toddbouldin.com. Todd is a career transition coach with Hand & Associates in Los Angeles and New York, and an independent coach with Todd Bouldin Enterprises.


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