The Best of Sundance 2014 For Your Netflix List

sundanceIt’s that time of year again when I mourn that I was not at Sundance Film Festival due to my demanding work schedule — why can’t it be during the last week of December or in the middle of summer? Well, I assume that the corporate schedule is probably not the one that most interests the Sundance planners. But nevertheless I again followed the Festival from afar and through the eyes and opinions of friends who did go, and friends whose good tastes I trust. Like years before, I make my Sundance list for upcoming theater visits or nights with Netflix that I always share with my blog readers.

Here is the best of Sundance for your Netflix list:

Whiplash. A talented young drummer played by Miles Teller pursues perfection at any cost. Winner of the US Grand Jury Prize and first sale of the Festival.

20,000 days on Earth. A fictitious 24 hours in the life of British creative Nick Cave.

The Case Against 8. The film documents the unlikely team that took on California’s Proposition 8 against same-sex marriage.Winner of the US Documentary Directing Award

Alive Inside: A Story of Music and Memory. Songs embedded in memory can awaken the minds of Alzheimer’s patients and relieve pain.

Dear White People. Four African American students attend an Ivy League college where a riot breaks out because of an all-white party with a black theme.

Rich Hill. The story of children in a small rural American town, the choices they face, and the possibility of a brighter future.

Cesar’s Last Fast. A documentary about United Farm Workers co-founder Cesar Chavez.

Camp X-Ray. Kristen Stewart plays a guard at Guantanamo who befriends a detainee.

The One I Love. A romantic comedy with Elisabeth Moss and Ted Danson.

Life Itself. A documentary about the life of film critic Roger Ebert.

I Origins. The follow-up to Another Earth.


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