The World of Work, Part 2: Debunking the Millennial Myths

I train managers most every week, and the moment someone mentions a Millennial employee, immediately someone in the room says something like, “They are all so entitled.” Here we go again. There may be some general truth to the stereotype for some employees, certainly not all, but it actually is quite unfair because the research shows that Millennials at work pretty much want what other generations want too — they just have the courage and the sheer numbers to ask for it. What do they want? Fair and inclusive workplaces, respectful managers, to know they make a difference, to receive impactful training for their growth, and to participate in decisions that impact them. Actually, not too much to ask.

And on one more measure, they actually are better than the generations before them: turns out, they are not as itinerate as the stereotype holds. The myth that they don’t stay very long at a job just isn’t true when compared to other generations when they were their age.They actually stay longer.

Harvard Business Review recently published an article by KPMG’s VP of HR which cites their own studies as well as those of IBM (pictured here) that make this very point. I encourage you to read these reports, as they encourage us to create better workplaces for all generations, and not just so the Millennials will stick around another year.



One Response to “The World of Work, Part 2: Debunking the Millennial Myths”
  1. Jeane york says:

    Todd I have a 23year old who graduated Harding u in 2013 dec and started working in Jan teaching autistic children. She loves it and is a hard worker. Looking to go back and get her masters in occupational therapy. What would about her.

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