Not Everyone Wants a Trophy: The Deloitte Report on Millennials in the Workplace 2016

Millennials just recently officially became the largest generation in the US work force. There has been much written and said about Millennials, and managers continue to repeat the stereotypes of entitlement, trophies and 3 hour spa breaks at lunch. Millennials, like all of us, rarely fall so easily into those stereotypes.

Deloitte conducted a survey of Millennials in 2016 that revealed the expectations of Millennials in today’s workplace, and I think you will find a few surprises:

  • 66% of Millennials plan to leave their current job within 5 years. Are you going to accept this and develop them for their next role, or are you going to resent this and not invest in them?
  • 63% of Millennials in current positions, even in senior positions, say they are underutilized at work. Are you having discussions with your Millennial employees about their ideas and the ways that they would like to contribute?
  • Millennials are not impressed with a company’s scale, profitability or age. Millennials respect companies that put employees first, pay fairly and equitably, and provide meaningful goods and services to the world. Can your employees articulate the difference your business makes in the world? Do they feel you put employees first before shareholders or customers?

I encourage you to read the report and do some self-assessment of your workplace as you design it for this new and present generation.

For more information, see my previous entries on Millennials on this blog, and this video of  the recent discussion with organizational development expert Simon Sinek.


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