The Secret to Tom Brady’s Leadership: The Influence of Energy

All of us emit a “vibe” or an “energy” to people around us in every minute of the day. The problem is that we emit much of this energy without thought, intention or practice. In essence, the energy we manifest to others is often in automatic default mode, and we may forget that others are paying attention to us in those non-intentional moments. It often is those moments that matter to others, and perhaps we are completely unaware of how we are being perceived.

If we are to be better managers and leaders, then we must become more fully aware of our vibe through the feedback of others, and then we must become more mindful of our thoughts that create that vibe. Coaching, meditation and conscious awareness around our work and relationships can lead to better results for ourselves and our teams as we undo old habits and rewire our brains and selves to manifest better energy in the world.

Tom Brady led his New England Patriots to their fifth Super Bowl victory last night. Asked about the secret to his success, Tom expressed the importance of his energy in leading his team to victory:

You get in the huddle and you call those plays, you have 10 other guys that are feelin’ your energy. And what are you puttin’ off? Are you puttin’ off confidence? Are you puttin’ off fear? You know, they can feel all that. And when they get in the huddle with me, I want to look in their eyes, and I want them to feel a belief that we’re gonna do it.  FOX Pre-Game Interview, Terry Bradshaw

Leadership is about energy, vibe and your thoughts that create them. What is the energy you are giving off to those you influence today? Even more importantly, do you even know?

If you would like to improve your energy, I recommend the books Mindfulness for Beginners by Jon-Kabat Zinn and Energy Leadership by Bruce Schneider. If I can be of assistance as a coach, please contact me at, or for corporate teams, at


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