About This Blog

This blog, like my life, has been a work in progress. It began in 2006 as a personal journal of sorts for me, reflecting on life and those things that delight me most like film, food, and faith. While my blog has evolved to focus more on my vocation as a trainer and speaker in leadership and customer experience, it still contains reviews of some of the wonderful places, restaurants, hotels and trips I’ve been blessed to experience. A spirituality with love as the dynamic force of the universe has been the animating core of my life, and the organizing principle for my world view, so I also sometimes reflect on film, pop culture and leadership from that perspective. But this site primarily is a place to share my thoughts and observations on leadership development, personal and career transitions, relationship effectiveness, and the ways in which organizations can become their very best in a way that is authentically true to their values and brand. I welcome the conversation and ideas from my readers.

I live in Oakland, California, in the San Francisco Bay Area, having just moved here from New York City. I am originally from Nashville, and I lived in Los Angeles for a decade prior to New York. I have called home the three most influential cultural capitals of America. It is that tension between heartland and Hollywood, the Bible Belt and the Big Apple, conservative values and progressive freedom, that represents the paradox of my life and the tensions many of us feel as we seek to live thoughtfully and well in our complex world. I love to hold together in life and in work what others try to separate because I find that the truth is often in that middle place. I’ve been a professor, a lawyer, actor and a political aide, so almost everything interests me. I invite you to join me as we together find truth, love and life as we live in God’s wonderful world.

This blog may seem broad in its interests, and it is. It is as broad as my life in which I have tried to become, as Ireneaus once wrote, “fully human and fully alive.” This blog is a witness to that attempt, and hopefully it serves as a compass to others in their effort to do the same.

3 Responses to “About This Blog”
  1. themannaman says:

    Hey Todd

    Does the work you do with Strengths Discovery use the inventory by Clifton or the one by Rath or (none of the above)?



  2. NICE BLOG! Keep up the good work!

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