Reflections on World AIDS Day

Today is World AIDS Day, and I am compelled to publish the following op-ed from today’s Washington Post. I have become more involved in this issue this year as a result of serving as one of the faculty advisors to our Pepperdine group for global AIDS relief. ( work with the best and brightest of […]

A Weekend for Movies

Well, it’s that time of the year when I start financing the movie industry and indulge in all of the great movies released at this time of the year. My list seems to be a mile long again this year, and I tried to knock out a few over the Thanksgiving weekend. I did something […]

Thanksgiving Part IV: Choosing Gratitude

A week ago, gratitude seemed easy and like a new found gift. I felt that several things were progressing in my life, and I was looking forward to the holidays and being surrounded by good friends. I didn’ t have to choose gratitude because everything was going right. It just came to me. But last […]

Thanksgiving Part IV: What I’m Thankful For

It was ironic that I had such a difficult week after all that I wrote on gratitude last weekend. Life was quite good and I felt I had just turned a corner, then there was this week. A friend got into some serious trouble and is under investigation. I appeared in court on Wednesday to […]

Common Sense Solutions on Abortion

It may be that we are embarking on a time when we may actually address the abortion issue in way that acknowledges the truth on both “sides” of the issue. With mainly pro-choice candidates vying for the Republican presidential ticket in 2008, and with new pro-life Democratic leaders in the House and Senate, it may […]

Thanksgiving: Part III The Collect

One of my favorite parts of the Anglican worship service is “The Collect”, the prayer read at the beginning of the service before the opening hymn. This is the Purity Collect, and it’s come to mean a great deal to me, and I share it with you on this Thanksgiving week. Almighty God, to you […]

Thanksgiving Part II: The TV Show That Changed Me

During all of the events I described above, I happened to tune into a Larry King Live show on CNN that deeply impacted me. There were two statements from that show that were of tremendous importance to me: Become the person you are looking to love you. Energy flows where attention flows. I encourage you […]

The Confession: A Conversation with Gov. McGreevy

I found this interview fascinating, and anyone interested in understanding the issue of homosexuality and the church should watch it. Former New Jersey Governor James McGreevy and Andrew Sullivan, both gay and Catholic, discuss their faith and sexual identity in a way that is true to both.