There is an Establishment Clause for a Reason

The last line is worth the whole article … Critical Book by Ex-Staffer in Religion-Based Effort Is OutBy Alan CoopermanWashington Post Staff WriterTuesday, October 17, 2006; Page A19 White House officials realized they had a problem, former staffer David Kuo writes in his new book, “Tempting Faith,” when they saw how a panel rated the […]

Every American Should Read This …

From this week’s NYT’s editorial on the flaws in the compromise military detainnee bill passed this week by the Senate: September 28, 2006EditorialRushing Off a Cliff Here’s what happens when this irresponsible Congress railroads a profoundly important bill to serve the mindless politics of a midterm election: The Bush administration uses Republicans’ fear of losing […]

And the Pilgrims Thought It Was Bad in England

House Passes Measure on Religion Suits By Alan CoopermanWashington Post Staff WriterWednesday, September 27, 2006; Page A04 The House passed a bill yesterday that would bar judges from awarding legal fees to the American Civil Liberties Union and similar groups that sue municipalities for violating the Constitution’s ban on government establishment of religion.Though the bill […]

Creation Care : Where Science and Religion Meet

I owe most of my political career to Jonathan Miller, my former colleague, friend and now the Treasurer of the State of Kentucky. He wrote an article this week for the San Francisco Chronicle showing how the issue of the environment and global warming is a unique one that can bring together those previously separated […]

The Baylor Survey on Religion

Dr. Rubel Shelly summarizes the Baylor University study on religion in America, found on the website. Here are a few of his reflections. The survey certainly explains a lot about why southern people love Dick Cheney and George W. They are not far from their view of God, as scary as that is. Subject: […]

A Day With John Kerry at Pepperdine

It was an exciting day today at Pepperdine University where we welcomed John Kerry to speak on religion and its influence on his public life. The speech was nothing short of outstanding, and the impression he made on our campus was tremendous and will reap long and great rewards for years to come. Finally, I […]

Stephen Colbert on the misuse of religion

I consider Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart among the prophets of our day. They use humor, satire and analogy to point out truths in ways that surprise and illuminate us. I have a great admiration for Stephen Colbert’s treatment of religion, first on the “This Week with God” segment and now on his “The God […]

Transitions … On Trust, Risk, and Choices

I moved this morning from the “pink palace” to my new pad downtown, and couldn’t be more excited. I finally have a place that feels like home. The condo is owned by my good friend Tom, who, without hesitation, I can say is one of my favorite people in the world. He’s off to Harvard […]

Movies and faith

Craig Detweiler and Barry Taylor, both at Fuller Seminary, are two of my favorite writers on faith and pop culture, and they both attend a church where I sometimes find myself: All Saints Beverly Hills. The sermons this month are all oriented around faith issues from Hollywood movies and are preached by these two professors. […]

The Devil Weareth Prada

I’m sure that you would expect my next review to be of a Cher album and for me to put some rainbows on my blog site, but my favorite movie of the summer is The Devil Wears Prada. In fact, it is so good that I saw it twice. This movie is everything a Hollywood […]