“Telling Claire”: My Role as a Military Chaplain, and an Acting Update

I am grateful to be acting in principal roles in two different projects this weekend. The first is a moving short film called “Telling Claire” that is the story of children who lose their military parents to the conflict in Afghanistan. I serve as a military chaplain in the short film, depicted here. The film … Continue reading

My Appearance on “Brothers and Sisters”

I was honored to be part of last Sunday’s “Brothers and Sisters” episode. Here I appear with my “wife” in a scene with Luke MacFarlane (Scottie) at an adoption fair.


Mike & Molly: My Pilot Appearance

Keep a watch on the first cafe scene where you will see me in a dark blazer and orange shirt — enjoying the coffee creamer a little too much. It was a real privilege to work with director James Burrows (“Friends,” “Cheers”) as we worked hard for three days to prepare this first pilot. The … Continue reading

Iron Man 2 Article | The Daily News Journal

‘Boro man lends authenticity to film | dnj.com | The Daily News Journal.

Media Release: Bouldin Serves as Senate Advisor for “Iron Man 2”

May 3, 2010 – Burbank, CA – If you plan to see Iron Man 2 when it premiers this week, you will see the work of DC political veteran R. Todd Bouldin (http://www.toddbouldin.com). Hired by Director Jon Favreau and A.D. Eric Heffron, Bouldin worked as “Senate Hearing Advisor” for the Paramount Pictures and Marvel Entertainment … Continue reading

Happy Valentine’s Day! My Favorite Romantic Film Scene

The last scene of Sense and Sensibility is only rivaled by Casablanca for the best romantic scene in a movie. If Emma Thompson’s tears don’t move you, then you are not romantic. May the wonderful mystery and the unexpected surprises of love be yours on this day, and always.

“Dried Up”: A Short Film for Our Times

“Dried Up” tells the story fitting for our times when the dreams and hopes of so many have been crushed by the drought of our economic landscape and only the vestiges of what remains.  It is a story of hope, about not giving up, staying true to your vision, and the creative discoveries that can … Continue reading

My Appearance on Grey’s Anatomy (New Year’s Eve Segment)

First Appearance As Actor on TV, “Parks and Recreation”

Appearance on Ep. 8, around 21:15 and following as principal actors leave the library. I am pointing in a suit.