My Favorite Things of 2015: This Year’s Hot Toddy Culture

As I reflect on my favorite things of 2015, one question keeps haunting me: Why would anyone care? It is a tradition that I have repeated each year, and I’ve come to enjoy the opportunity to reflect on what mattered to me during the past year. I am very aware that some of my friends … Continue reading

My 10 Favorite Albums / Songs of 2011

I’m an unapologetic fan of pop music, so those alternative music snobs out there that only appreciate “good music” will find themselves in disagreement with my list at points. I grew up in Nashville, and I know good songwriting when I hear it. That’s the reason I pay my respects here both to Taylor Swift, … Continue reading

My Favorite Music Videos of 2011

There were a host of impressive music videos this year, but none I enjoyed more than Demi Lovato’s “Skyscraper.” The video is especially impactful given its very personal dimension for Demi who chose physical imagery to demonstrate her emergence from personal pain and difficulty. It’s an inspiring song of determination and redemption, and I resonated … Continue reading

My Favorite 5 Albums of 2010

Not many albums get my attention in this Itunes age, but I downloaded these five and enjoyed most everything they had to offer. Here are the finest albums I heard in 2010, or at least the ones I enjoyed most. They are worth a full download or purchase by my readers:

My Favorite Songs of 2010 … And Some That Should Have Been

The list below does not represent the “best” songs of 2010. See the list by the folks at Paste for a truly comprehensive list of the best songs of 2010: This list is not the “best” from a critical point of view, but simply those that I kept returning to time and again, those … Continue reading

The Johnny Cash Project

This seems like an amazing project that honors Johnny Cash in a fitting way. Artists are encourage to submit drawings which will be compiled for a video to accompany his last studio recording, “Ain’t No Grave.” Here is the video with some cool submissions already:

Watch the Video: The Killers, Starbucks, and 5 cents To Fight AIDS

Share a Red Cup of your favorite Holiday Coffee at Starbucks | Starbucks.

Brandon Flower’s Redemption Song: “Only the Young”

Mother, it’s cold here Father, thy will be done Thunder and lightning are crashing down They got me on the run Direct me to the sun Redemption, keep my covers clean tonight Baby, we can start again

For Your Saturday: “Looking for a City” Vestal Goodman

Owl City: “Vanilla Twilight”