Conference Call Mastery: A Checklist for Engagement and Impact on Calls

One of my least favorite experiences of corporate life is the conference call. I am a visual learner, and very easily distracted, so staying engaged on a conference call either as the leader or participant is a real challenge for me. An Harvard Business Review study revealed what we all know: an high percentage of […]

Let’s Talk: 5 Practices to Improve Your Conversations

Surely only boring people went in for conversations consisting of questions and answers. The art of true conversation consisted in the play of minds. Ved Mahta, All For Love. I was parented by a wonderful introvert and computer programmer who is my father. Dad engaged in real conversation with only a few people, but when he did, […]

Energy: 5 Steps to Getting to Know Your Genes and Being Your Best

With the advent of more popularized versions of genetic testing such as and 23andme, more people than ever are getting to know their genetic makeup and becoming aware of potential risks for their health. I am an huge advocate of this, both for ancestry and health purposes. For example, I found out that I’m […]