Don’t Say That … Say This

  Words matter. Words reflect how we see ourselves (“No problem” can suggest “I didn’t really do anything special for you”), or how we see the customer (“Help” implies that I see you as someone who has a problem who is incapable of solving it for themselves). Words can re-emphasize what is negative about an … Continue reading

The 10 Most Important Things Don Draper and R.H. Macy Would Have Learned at Advertising Week

Advertising and marketing have morphed significantly since the days of the creation of Macy’s retail stores in 1858 or the 1960’s fictional advertising career of Don Draper of “Mad Men.” At this year’s Advertising Week conference in Times Square, it was more apparent that these changes are happening at such lightning speed that even Don … Continue reading

The 20 Brands With the Most Loyal Customers

You’ve heard of Apple, Starbucks, Nordstrom, and Zappos. But some of these may surprise you. The top 20 brands in customer loyalty.

A Logo Is Not a Brand — Harvard Business Review

A Logo Is Not a Brand. Branding is everything that you do. A great article from Dan Pallotta in the Harvard Business Review today. A Logo Is Not a Brand – Dan Pallotta – Harvard Business Review.

Stumbling on Happiness: On What Makes People Tick and Choose

This article summary of Stumbling on Happiness by Harvard Professor Daniel Gilbert is a perceptive look into human behavior, what makes us happy, and how that informs our choices. The book has enormous implications for customer service, marketing and effective leadership. Jonathan Byrne summarizes the book on the Fast Company blog:

Seth Godin: On Selling Magic

I came across this entry on Seth Godin’s blog, and I couldn’t help but think of its relevance for my own attempts to sell people things … as well as the attempt of many Christians to persuade others of the truth they think they should hear.