Work as a Calling: How Southwest Airlines Hires the Right People

Southwest Airlines consistently hires people who represent its service-oriented and humorous culture well. How? An insistence on hiring for values and personality, and the candidate must exhibit these qualities before being hired. A recent blog article describes how Southwest Airlines does it over and over again. Key to their success: Over 70% of Southwest Airlines employees describe […]

Don't Say That … Say This

  Words matter. Words reflect how we see ourselves (“No problem” can suggest “I didn’t really do anything special for you”), or how we see the customer (“Help” implies that I see you as someone who has a problem who is incapable of solving it for themselves). Words can re-emphasize what is negative about an […]

It's Not What You Do: Resolving Customer Issues to Create Loyalty and Inspire Enthusiasm

Did you know that customers are more loyal and enthusiastic after a problem happens than before one happens in the first place? Study after study proves this is true, so it a great reminder that how we handle customer issues, and not just what we do to resolve them, matters if we are going to […]

Creating Awesome Customer Experiences for Millennials

Every major brand and company now are targeting the Millennial Generation because they are big consumers, and depending on how you calculate the span of years for this generation, perhaps the largest consumer segment — 80 million strong! They range in age from 10 to 28 years old generally, and they are willing to spend […]

Customer Experience Beats Out Price 2:1 in Customer Choice

1 to 1 Media today published their latest survey of customers, and they found some interesting facts about the importance of the customer experience in determining the choices our customers make about products or brands. Among the findings: 56% of respondents reported that they are angered by company or employee mistakes in billing or wait […]

Telling a Story the Pixar Way

No one can tell a story like the animation film company Pixar. Pixar’s screenwriters carefully craft stories that adults and children love because they tap into universal emotions and aspirations. Stories are effective means of sharing information and inspiring employees in organizations too. All organizations and leaders are more effective if they share stories rather […]

The 5 Best Customer Service Practices: Restaurants

Restaurants are one of our most frequent experiences as customers, and I would dare say that they often set the standard for what we feel is or isn’t good customer service. In the customer experience training I do for clients, I often ask employees, “Which places or companies provide you with great customer service experiences?” […]

In Customer Experience Consulting, Disney’s Small World Is Growing

The New York Times published this article today concerning Disney’s growing Disney Institute to teach companies the customer service practices of Disney. In an economy where customers are increasingly more demanding of great experiences, and in an Internet environment where consumers are more likely to post their bad experiences online, executives are running to Disney […]