Let’s Talk: 5 Practices to Improve Your Conversations

Surely only boring people went in for conversations consisting of questions and answers. The art of true conversation consisted in the play of minds. Ved Mahta, All For Love. I was parented by a wonderful introvert and computer programmer who is my father. Dad engaged in real conversation with only a few people, but when he did, […]

Don't Say That … Say This

  Words matter. Words reflect how we see ourselves (“No problem” can suggest “I didn’t really do anything special for you”), or how we see the customer (“Help” implies that I see you as someone who has a problem who is incapable of solving it for themselves). Words can re-emphasize what is negative about an […]

National Conflict Prevention Week: You Can Have a Nice Conflict

It’s time to control conflict. Don’t let conflict control you. Too often, rough interpersonal situations send us into an emotional spiral that feels beyond our control. But by identifying the signs, anticipating the possibility, we can actually work to prevent conflict and have more productive relationships in all areas of our lives. I am a […]

Life's Lessons: A Summary of an Op-Ed by David Brooks

New York Times columnist David Brooks shares “Life Reports” today based on observations that he made of essays by elderly Americans on life’s lessons and what they would do differently if they could live life all over again. I found this fascinating reading, and I was inspired to share it with my readers in summary […]

The Seven Practices of An Emotionally Intelligent Person

Your boss sends out an email in which she appears to dismiss your work and openly criticizes it. Your friend ignored your text message asking to go to dinner and made plans with others instead, which you know because you saw them check in together on Facebook. The person you are dating just broke up […]

God, Sex and Love on American Campuses

Roger Friedland from the University of California Santa Barbara writes a fascinating article in today’s Religion section at Huffington Post that summarizes a Facebook survey of UCSB students. Now, granted, UCSB students are not necessarily an accurate sample of college students in every college in America. They are smarter, drunker and have more sex, generally. […]