My New Years Resolution for 2013: Put Away the Phone!

Tell me to what you pay attention and I will tell you who you are. Jose Ortega y Gasset Compassion begins with attention.¬†Daniel Goleman Want to take one simple step to improve your relationships, your family life, and your work relationships in 2013? Join me in my 2013 New Years Resolution to put away the […]

“Catfish” and Our Online Fantasyland

“Catfish” the movie premiered around the same time as “The Social Network,” and it couldn’t be a more fitting accompaniment at the box office. “The Social Network” is about the forces that gave rise to Facebook. “Catfish” is about the new worlds made possible by Facebook. “The Social Network” is about origins. “Catfish” is about […]

Looking for a Job, Part 4: The Brand Called “You”

One of the biggest challenges facing those Americans under 40, and even some that are older, is the transition in the American economy from a nation of manufacturers to a nation of creatives. In this economy, freelance artists, designers, and software developers working from home and coffee shops are the face of the new workplace […]