With Charity for All, Part 9: Generosity

“Mine” is not part of the mature Christian vocabulary, nor is it a virtue that manifests itself in God’s economy. It belongs to the language of infancy in terms of psychological human development. Erik Erickson described human development as moving from the preoccupation with identity at the youngest stages to generativity at its oldest. In … Continue reading

With Charity for All, Part 8: A Generous Hospitality

Throughout the “With Charity for All” series, I have been building a case that God’s love and desire is to bless the whole world and every creature. Not just human beings. Not just Christians. Not just the right kinds of Christians. But everyone. From the beginning, God created the whole earth, graced it with his … Continue reading

With Charity for All, Part 7: What Starts at the Table

In part 6 of this series on Christian virtues that guide our engagement with culture, I discussed how the practice of hospitality and table fellowship opens itself to participation by all people regardless of sex, race, religion or none at all, and questionable moral lifestyles. All are invited to share in Christian community where they … Continue reading

With Charity for All, Part 6: The Table For Strangers

This entry is part of an on-going series on Christian virtues that should inform and shape Christian public engagement of politics, the media and arts, and our public witness. The rest of the series can be found under the category of “Faith and Culture” series on the right column of my blog home page or … Continue reading

Farewell to Pepperdine Law Dean Ken Starr: A Personal Tribute

It was 1996, and I was waking up to NPR in my bed in my Capitol Hill apartment in Washington, D.C. While I and the Democratic member of Congress that I served were more moderate in our politics, we were close to many in the Clinton White House because of our Tennessee connection to the … Continue reading

How Christian Were the Founders? – NYTimes.com

This outstanding article in this weekend’s NY Times Magazine covers a much misunderstood topic about the founding of our country.

With Charity for All, Part 5: Mind Your Own Business

Since the Constantinian age, Christians have sought to remake their culture into one that is infused with Christian values along with laws that reflect those values. America itself was established, in part, as a Puritan “city set on a hill”, and it did not take long for those who said they sought religious freedom to … Continue reading

The Meaning of “Mad Men”

The Atlantic examines the sociolo-political dimensions of the television show “Mad Men”. http://www.theatlanticwire.com/opinions/view/opinion/Mad-Men-3-Years-On-1531

With Charity for All, Part 2 in a Series: Why God is a Libertarian

The God who gave us life gave us liberty at the same time. Thomas Jefferson, A Summary View of the Rights of British America The oldest story of the Bible is a story of God’s universal love and beauty as demonstrated in Creation. The second oldest story in the Bible (that is, Genesis chapter 2) … Continue reading