I Don't Read: On Leadership and Curiosity

“I don’t read.” I hear leaders confess this quite often in my coaching and training work with them. With the publication of the new book¬†Fire and Fury this week about the Trump White House, an allegation has been made repeatedly and consistently that President Trump does not like to read. This is likely overstated, but […]

My Favorite Things of 2015: This Year's Hot Toddy Culture

As I reflect on my favorite things of 2015, one question keeps haunting me: Why would anyone care? It is a tradition that I have repeated each year, and I’ve come to enjoy the opportunity to reflect on what mattered to me during the past year. I am very aware that some of my friends […]

My Favorite Things of 2014: Film, Theater, Books, Restaurants and Music

Every year, I take the opportunity to look back on the year just past, to say thanks for the gifts of culture and people that led to my growth. I wish to recognize those cultural artifacts that are most memorable to me, and some that just made me smile, or led me to sing and […]

My Top 20 Books on Leadership and Management

There is no shortage of books on leadership and management these days, and it’s a bit difficult to know where to begin. I have spent the last several reading a number of them, and I also have tracked the preferences of those I respect in the field. If I had to recommend 20 best books […]

My 10 Favorite Books of 2009

Given several personal transitions this year, I largely found myself turning to spiritual books this year, with a few political exceptions. I am woefully inadequate in my fiction sampling, as usual, and I wish that I could have made it to some of the remarkable historical and biographical works published this year. But of those […]

My 10 Favorite Books of the Decade

This entry completes my “decades” listings, and next week I will turn to 2009. The list below is not a “best of” list, as I am quite aware that there are many seminal books in my fields of theology, politics and pop culture that I did not read, and of course many works of fiction, […]

15 Books That Stayed With Me

Several Facebook friends kept requesting that I share the 15 books that most shaped my life, so I decided to attempt the list. It was painful to choose, but here is my list: 1. Children’s Bible Stories2. Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes3. The Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe4. Strength to Love by Martin Luther […]