Todd's Speaking and Training Schedule: Summer 2012

The summer is off to a busy start, and I’m so grateful for all of the opportunities to speak, train and serve organizations throughout the country to improve leader and organizational performance. My specialties include: Leadership development Emotional intelligence and employee communication Conflict Management and Prevention Customer Experience My current bookings are as follows, and […]

My 10 Favorite Albums / Songs of 2011

[youtube] I’m an unapologetic fan of pop music, so those alternative music snobs out there that only appreciate “good music” will find themselves in disagreement with my list at points. I grew up in Nashville, and I know good songwriting when I hear it. That’s the reason I pay my respects here both to […]

The Top 10 Most Important News Stories of 2011

Judging the importance of a news story is difficult because “important” has many different meanings. One might suggest that the popularity of a news story makes it “important.” In that case, the divorce of Kim Kardashian, or Demi and Ashton, might be the most important news story of 2011. In my estimation, an “important” news […]