If I Had a Day in New Orleans

I have been going to New Orleans at least once per year for fifteen years, and I am passionate about all that the city offers, and especially it’s food. If you’re going to NOLA, here are the list of things you can’t miss (and yes, it is admittedly partial to the French Quarter, which isn’t fair […]

On Reagan's 100th Birthday: At Point du Hoc

No moment in Reagan’s memorable presidency stands out more as representative of his greatness as a communicator and an executive than his speech at the D-Day Anniversary at Point Du Hoc on the beaches of Normandy, France. While I would in time have my disagreements with Reagan over some of his policies and his spending […]

In Atlanta For the Weekend: Two Restaurants I Loved

I had a great road trip to Atlanta this weekend. It is only a 4 hour journey from Nashville, so I joined some buds for a quick get away. Being a good Southerner, I have been to Atlanta many many times. This time, I discovered two restaurants that were really worth mentioning here. Neither are […]

Meat and Three Blog Developments: Hanging Up Politics

It has been a great delight to share my political opinions, ideas, frustrations and celebrations with my readers since 2004. I hope that I have provided a balanced, fair and respectful analysis of American politics, political leaders and the issues that face us in these interesting and challenging times. I am most appreciative of those […]