Executive Coaching

Senior leaders and those in the C Suite must demonstrate executive presence to sustain gravitas and get results. Todd coaches emerging and senior leaders towards higher energy and impactful presence to get the professional and business results they desire. Todd begins his coaching with two tools: an inventory called Energy Leadership Index and DISC. These tools measure the inner energy of a person and how it expresses itself to others, and the behavioral style of a person that creates an impression with others. Coaching then is customized to issues that may arise from these inventories. Todd also provides coaching on increasing executive presence through gravitas, presence and communication.  Each coaching program is customized to the client’s needs and schedule. Todd is happy to offer a complimentary meet and greet coaching session.

Once you contact me, we will begin our coaching relationship with a complimentary session where we will get to know each other, assess whether and how I can best serve you and discuss payment and logistics. Once we determine the scope of my services to you, we will begin our coaching partnership.

Fees range from complimentary for certain nonprofits, to appropriate fees depending on the number of sessions, travel required, and the type of coaching required. Fees may be discounted for bulk payments, and installment plans are available.