Make Your Unconscious Biases Conscious: A Few Resources

As companies and nonprofits strive to create more diverse and inclusive workplaces, there has been a strong growth in the topic of unconscious bias. All humans have biases. If we are conscious of our biases and can mitigate them in the way we recruit, hire, provide feedback and promote, then we can create safe and inclusive workplace cultures. But if we are unaware of our biases and how they are influencing our decisions, then we may signal or reinforce biases that prevent qualified people from being hire or from thriving in our organizations.

My client Deloitte produced a powerful video introduction to the topic that I highly recommend for self-reflection:

An Harvard project called Implicit created some online assessments to test your biases on race, gender, sexual orientation and other topics. It is fascinating, and a very helpful tool for creating awareness.

Finally, I recommend a NYT article from today on eliminating bias in feedback so that all employees feel that feedback is fair and not tinged with biases that the giver of feedback may not can see or understand.

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