The New Interview Questions: Are You Ready?

Thoughtful interviewers increasingly are asking more questions that ask the candidate to reveal more of themselves and less about the resume or qualifications. They primarily are looking for alignment with the organization’s culture when they ask these. Here are five such questions that asks the candidate to share more of their values and working style: … Continue reading

Tired of Applying for Jobs Online? Stop, and Get a Job

This excellent article provides the rationale for the advice I give to clients in job transition all of the time: put 90% of your energy into creating value through relationships, and 10% or less of your energy into online job applications. Everything in us tells us to keep populating online applications, and maybe we’ll just … Continue reading

3 Things, Six Seconds: What Recruiters See On Your Resume In Ten Seconds or Less

Ages 55-70 and Can’t Find a Job? 5 Things You Should Be Doing Now

The 56 year old former publishing executive sat across from the table from me at Starbucks greatly troubled because he was laid off from a prestigious New York City magazine publishing company two months prior, and he still was unemployed despite an aggressive search for new work. John had worked for his former company over … Continue reading

Looking for a Job? Here Is What You Need to Know

If you are looking for a job for the first time as a college graduate, or if you are in the midst of a job search after unemployment or a life transition, it’s important to know the new rules of finding a job in this economy. If your plan is to sit in your house … Continue reading

18-30 and Can’t Find a Job? Five Things You Should Be Doing Now

For the third time in one month, I have had friends in the 18-30 age group ask for my help in getting a job. One of the untold stories of the Great Recession is the staggering unemployment rate for those between 18-30, many college graduates: nearly 25%. This is of more concern than merely the … Continue reading

Looking for a Job, Part 5: Acing the Interview … and the Follow-Up

This is the final article in a series on how to succeed in a job search in this tough economy. I also would argue that these are principles that also tend to guarantee success in life. You have searched for an opportunity, you’ve applied for the job, you’ve adequately networked, and now the interview is … Continue reading

Looking for a Job, Part 4: The Brand Called “You”

One of the biggest challenges facing those Americans under 40, and even some that are older, is the transition in the American economy from a nation of manufacturers to a nation of creatives. In this economy, freelance artists, designers, and software developers working from home and coffee shops are the face of the new workplace … Continue reading

Looking for a Job, Part 3: It’s Who You Get To Know

I used to be intimidated by dating. I thought that I had to wait until I found that one right person, then go in “for the kill” once I found them. It mostly resulted in lots of frustration because there often is not just one right person, and when I would think that I found … Continue reading

Looking for a Job, Part 2: Ten Things Hiring Managers Like

As I stated in Part 1 of this series, employers in this economy can be picky because supply of qualified workers is outpacing demand. That means that hiring managers often develop conscious or subconscious criteria about what resumes get pulled from the pile for an interview. Even small things like tone in an email or … Continue reading