I Don't Read: On Leadership and Curiosity

“I don’t read.” I hear leaders confess this quite often in my coaching and training work with them. With the publication of the new book Fire and Fury this week about the Trump White House, an allegation has been made repeatedly and consistently that President Trump does not like to read. This is likely overstated, but […]

Bossy or Bold? Becoming an Assertive Woman in the Workplace

Much of my consulting and training work is in the New York City area, and one of the most frequently asked questions I receive from female clients is how to be assertive without being perceived negatively by other female and male colleagues. Even in a progress work environment like NYC financial services, females are told […]

The World of Work, Part 4: Leaders and Managers: There is a Difference

Managers are a dime a dozen, but leaders are hard to find. That is why employees tell me often that do not know the purpose of their work, that no one ever tells them “thank you”, or that there is no communication in their workplace. They have managers, but managers are not necessarily leaders. Leaders […]

My Favorite Things of 2015: This Year's Hot Toddy Culture

As I reflect on my favorite things of 2015, one question keeps haunting me: Why would anyone care? It is a tradition that I have repeated each year, and I’ve come to enjoy the opportunity to reflect on what mattered to me during the past year. I am very aware that some of my friends […]

My Top 20 Books on Leadership and Management

There is no shortage of books on leadership and management these days, and it’s a bit difficult to know where to begin. I have spent the last several reading a number of them, and I also have tracked the preferences of those I respect in the field. If I had to recommend 20 best books […]

Taking the Dread Out of Performance Reviews

When it comes to performance reviews, there are two absolute truths for every organization: 1. No manager wants to write it or give it. 2. Every employee wants feedback. It it the balancing of these two truths that I find plagues most organizations that I serve. Managers dread performance reviews because they take up an […]

"I Don't Trust You": Ending Employee Policies That Communicate Distrust

Bloomberg Businessweek posted an article today here by Liz Ryan that sarcastically expresses in actual language what so many management policies communicate through their origination and enforcement: We don’t trust you. From blocking employee access to the Internet, to penalties and fines, companies often build elaborate policies and punishments that all add up to one […]

Those Entitled Millennials: Who Are They?

Everywhere I go to visit clients, managers are telling me about their difficulties in managing and leading the Millennial Generation. The conversation always begins the same way: “They feel so entitled.” “Everyone gets a trophy.” “No one wants to earn anything.” If that’s true, and perhaps it is for some in this generation, how did […]

Over-Managed, Under-Led: The Difference Between Leaders and Managers

Everywhere I turn, I see organizations that have confused managers for leaders. This most commonly happens because executives or upper management chooses to value knowledge or skill over leadership when hiring or promoting, and therefore they place someone in a role as a manager that they hope and pray will be a leader. This often […]

"Moneyball" And Why What We Assume About Employee Motivation is Wrong

This weekend, I saw the extraordinary new film by Social Network writer Aaron Sorkin, Moneyball. Starring Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill, the movie tells the true story of Billy Beane, the General Manager of the Oakland A’s, who decided to challenge the conventional wisdom that professional baseball should purchase players based on reputation rather than on […]