So You Want To Be a Freelance Entrepreneur? Five Myths to Consider

When I was stuck in a job that I was emotionally over, and I read the book 4 Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris. The book details his decision to give up the confines of full-time employment to discover the adventurous life of a self-created freelance career and in exotic locations all over the world. To determine … Continue reading

The World of Work, Part 1: The Big Shifts

This week, I will be posting a few infographics and entries concerning the workplaces that are taking shape in 2016. They are quite different than those of the past as new generations shift the contours of the relationship between employer and employee, as well as reconfigure our concepts of the spaces in which we do … Continue reading

3 Things, Six Seconds: What Recruiters See On Your Resume In Ten Seconds or Less

It’s Not About You: Life is About Losing Yourself, Not Finding Yourself

David Brooks in today’s NYT writes a most thoughtful op-ed about the messages we give to college graduates. I post it here as a counter-balance to the Oprah article I posted last week. I think it is a helpful correction to Oprah’s advice, reminding us that much of success is not found in finding our … Continue reading