More About My Business

pyramid-and-tbe-rgb1.jpgTodd Bouldin Enterprises is a training, speaking and coaching consultancy with specialties in financial services, health care, tech, and automotive industries. TBE was founded by Todd Bouldin, an attorney and educator with three training and speaking specialties: leadership development, customer experience and emotional intelligence. Todd serves as an executive coach and career coach for those seeking to lead and manage with more impact to drive bottom line results. Todd is joined by a team of learning professionals, communications strategists, and facilitators to meet the needs of companies and nonprofits. Discounts for consulting and services are available to nonprofits and religious groups.

Todd is an executive coach with a particular focus on Millennials (18-35) who are in management or executive roles. Todd assists Millennials in being more influential in an intergenerational workplace and particularly with senior stakeholders, in career development and getting ahead, and in managing difficult conversations. Todd is passionate about the places where communication, leadership and influence intersect.

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